Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

dental implant

Oral hygiene might be one of the most important aspects in our life. As we do our everyday routine, we are being constantly reminded of how important our oral health is. Considering we use it for a lot of reasons – eating, speaking, smiling, we never lasted a day without having to use our mouth. That is why we have to try as much as possible to maintain a healthy mouth to be able to carry on our everyday living.

Much as we want to have that perfect smile for a lifetime, tooth decay is inevitable. With much junk food we are taking in along with genes and ageing, we are all prone to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. Cavities and gum disease contribute heavily to tooth loss and we can’t do anything about it once it has already happened.

Dentures have been the only solution for teeth loss before. It solves the problem but it is a bit tricky. It is sometimes inconvenient to use and is not permanent, like real teeth. Because of this, they made a way to make it somewhat permanent. That is when they thought about dental implants.

Dental implants are actual replacements of missing tooth from the root. From the gap formed by the missing tooth, a screw, usually made up of titanium, is implanted into the jawbone. The screw will fuse to the bone for about three to six months, and by then, a replacement tooth is attached to the screw which completes the process.

Now, dental implants have become common since they see the benefit of having it instead of dentures. So if you, yourself, are deciding whether to get a dental implant or not, you might as well want to take a look at these pros and cons of having it before making up your mind.


  • It is permanent

As I have mentioned earlier, dental implant replaces your missing tooth from its root with the aid of a specialized screw. It stays for a lifetime as long as it doesn’t have any problem with the implant screw or the replacement tooth.

  • It is low maintenance

Dentures have to be brushed and to be maintained clean in order to avoid oral hygiene problems. With implants, you don’t have to worry putting in and taking it off all the time to clean it as it is already implanted right within your jawbone.

  • It is convenient

With implants, you won’t have to encounter problems such as speaking difficulty or chewing issues. You also don’t have to put glue before putting it right back into your mouth. After the implant process, everything is back to normal.


  • It is invasive

Dental implants require oral surgery for them to attach the screw to your jawbone. They will basically make a cut through your gums and expose your jawbone where the screw should be placed. It is a complicated process and should not be taken very lightly.

  • It is a long process

Planning for the procedure may actually take a week and completing the whole process may take a whole year or less. After screw implantation, the implant is given a time to fuse with your jawbone. This may actually take as long as 6 months in a case to case basis. After that, another visit to the doctor is required to finally attach the replacement tooth with the screw.

  • It is costly

Since it is an advancement, it is expected to be expensive. The procedure alone is already costly considering it includes oral surgery. The materials used for the screw, which is titanium, is also well known for medical use and is expected to be purchased at a high price. Last but not the least, the professional fee of the dentist should also be taken into consideration.

Using A Fake Doctor’s Note To Get Out of Work

fake doctors note

The pressures and challenges brought about this world result in the need of obtaining a mental health pause. However, obtaining a note from the doctors that support a medical claim is such a difficult task. This post talks about how to use a fake doctor’s note to get out of work.

Read our last article on how to combat tennis elbow!

What is a doctor’s note?

It is more difficult to obtain a blank note from a physician to excuse an absence compared with forging a note from one’s parent when cutting classes. However, this task can be made possible. Remember that it is illegal to forge a real person’s and this can bring one into trouble with the law.

What are the steps involved in the process?

Search for a blank template of a printable and editable doctor’s note.

There are various websites that are offering free and paid excuse templates of real doctor’s notes. There are varied selections, but it is a must that a person obtains an editable and printable one. Usually, this version comes with a web address or a watermark. It is too risky to use a free doctor’s note if used in real life situations.

Editing the blank doctor’s note template to complement one’s personal data. Blank doctor’s note must be edited since this note is an excuse for oneself and not for the absence of another person.

Creating a medical excuse or reason for the absence

The doctor’s note has specific templates. Emergency room or hospital discharge papers often describe the medical condition. Family doctors, on the other hand, explain the details that such meeting and treatment happened without adding any other medical details. If one decides to include an excuse for hospital discharge, then make sure that it is somehow embarrassing in order to hinder anyone from double-checking the note. Check out this website for doctor’s notes.

Editing the detail of the information of the doctor and the hospital plus the contact number

This is the most significant detail of any sick note. It is significant to provide the name of a hypothetical physician that works within a reasonable distance. It is possible that anyone can employ the verification of the information one has provided for through the internet. However, the inclusion of a doctor’s name with a real phone number will help the claim as it matches real information. Furthermore, any details about the doctor must be consistent with the used template.

Submission of Fake Doctor’s Note

Doing this step is crucial in one’s goal. An employee will never have the know-how as to who will be reviewing the doctor’s note in the human resources section. A patient’s name and address must be on it, the date one one’s medical visit to the doctor, and the length of one’s absence from work, and the doctor’s name, address, and signature. It is not essential to include the information on diagnosis and treatment as these fall under the confidentiality laws between physicians and clients.


Obtaining a fake doctor’s note is possible. Check out this website for doctor’s notes.

Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

wisdom teeth removal procedure

Because many often get their wisdom teeth removed before they can even cause any trouble, a lot of people do not even know what wisdom teeth are. These are the third and last molars on both sides of your upper and lower jaws. Unlike your other teeth, they appear much later, most likely around your twenties.

Dentists believe that wisdom teeth are evolutionary relics, which were once helpful to our distant ancestors because their diet consisted tougher meats and plants. Without the modern dental technology, teeth would eventually fall out, and the wisdom teeth are expected to replace them.

Since oral hygiene has drastically improved, the original 28 teeth are preserved, meaning that there is no room for the additional 4. That setup causes overcrowding, infection, and damage to your bones and nerves, which why dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal. This procedure is conducted by an oral surgeon or dentist in his sanitized clinic, while you are under either a local or general anesthesia.

The Signs

Although prevention is enough of a reason to get wisdom teeth removal, here are some signs which will tell you that you need to have your dentist do the procedure as soon as possible.


The most common telltale sign that there’s something wrong with your teeth is pain and swelling. That’s typically an indicator of infection or some other issues with your gums or teeth. Although, the dentist will prefer not do procedure while you are in pain or if anything is swollen, but it’s still best to see your dentist, and schedule the procedure as soon as it subsides.

Sinus Issues

Once you feel pain, congestion or pressure in your sinuses, make sure to get your wisdom teeth checked because they can directly affect how your sinus functions.

Damage to other teeth

Because the wisdom teeth are supposed to be back-up teeth, in case you’ve lost a few by the time you’re 20, your gums are not prepped to accommodate 4 extra teeth. What happens is the extra set of molars push the rest of your other teeth against each other. Apart from pain, this can cause bite problems, like an over or under bite. Wisdom teeth removal is the first step to correcting that.

Jaw damage

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent the cysts from forming around your last set of molars. If you don’t get that procedure done as soon as you notice these cysts forming, they can hollow out your jaw and damage nerves.

Swollen Gums

Your gums swelling are not only uncomfortable and difficult to chew with, they’re also hard to clean. That means, without a wisdom teeth removal, they will remain a breeding ground or bacteria that can cause cavities.

Misaligned teeth

The wisdom teeth, being an unexpected addition to your roster of teeth, crowds the rest and forces them out of alignment. In some extreme cases, this could even mean getting braces to realign the teeth.

Before your dentist recommends an extraction, he will most likely check on those signs and present them to you, so you can also assess whether you’d want to do the procedure or not.


Tips on How to Combat Tennis Elbow!

tennis elbow

With any sport that you participate in, you are prone to getting injured. No matter what sport you play, there is a chance of you getting yourself injured if you are not careful enough. From light sports like golf all the way to the most demanding sports such as wrestling and weightlifting, a person is bound to get hurt if they do not make the necessary preparations to prevent themselves from getting injured.

If you are planning to become a professional tennis player or if you are already, then you are aware of the possible risks in taking the sport as a profession. There are many things to consider in playing professional sports, and that includes the possible health risks and injuries that you might get if you play for a long time.

Whether you are playing as a beginner or practicing for years so that you can compete in the Olympic Games, your muscles are at risk of getting strained or overworked if you don’t train properly. There have been many injuries that are associated with playing tennis. One of the most common injuries that would happen if you play tennis professionally or as a sport of leisure is tennis elbow. As the name suggests, playing tennis can cause injury to your elbow. In order to understand it, one should do some research about what is tennis elbow all about.

One way to truly be informed about this possible life-changing technique is to answer the six (6) basic questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.


The first question deals with the definition of tennis elbow. There has been a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to this type of injury. Although it is called tennis elbow, any activity that heavily strains the arm, forearm, and hands are prone to getting this tennis elbow injury. The connection of the tendons between the arms and the forearms become inflamed because of the overuse.


As to the reason why this called “tennis elbow”, it is because the tendons and muscles get overused. You might be wondering how they could possibly get overused when you use these body parts every day. It is possible because of the physical strain that it endures, if it is used repetitively. In the case of playing tennis, because the main parts used to play are the hands, arms, and forearms, the tendons and muscles get inflamed and eventually, if not treated properly, will get to the point where it causes pain.


As previously mentioned, this occurs in the elbow area where the muscles as well as the tendons connect with the arms and forearms, as well as the hands. In a more scientific view, the area is actually called the lateral epicondyle. This is the area where the muscles and the tendons are attached to the area of the elbow bone.


Tennis elbow can happen anytime once you have strained your arms and forearms as well as your hands while playing tennis. Although you may not be at risk yet if you just started playing, the more you play overtime, the more you will experience some symptoms that might lead to getting this elbow injury.


The biggest question is how can one combat this injury? Just because you have the risk of getting an injury such as the tennis elbow, it does not mean that you have to stop playing at once. As long as you take the necessary precautions, proper training, as well as living a healthier lifestyle, you can prevent this injury from happening. Here are a few tips on how to combat tennis elbow.

  • If symptoms arise, take it easy.
    • If you are already feeling pain in your elbow area, take it easy. Even if you have an important match to play, it would be counterproductive if you just end up getting injured and possibly not be able to play at all. Rest for a while and take time to recover.


  • Continue training.
    • Although it has been mentioned previously that if you have symptoms of tennis elbow, you should take it easy. You should spend less time in court. However, you should spend that time getting the muscles and tendons stronger. Daily exercise and training will be able to help strengthen your hands, arms, and elbows which will help combat tennis elbow.


  • Choose the right equipment.
    • If you are to continue playing, you should not pick equipment that will make your condition worse. The best tennis racquet to use is the one that will suit you best. It does not matter if the brand is good and expensive. If it will not cooperate with your body, it may be futile. Stick to your body weight and size in getting the best tennis racquet that you could find in the market.


  • Avoid putting too much stress on the area.
    • Putting too much strain on the area affected will just make it worse. Avoid lifting anything that is heavy and try not to lift things above your head too much. Doing so may cause even more damage. If you feel the pain, relax the muscles.


  • Take necessary precautions.
    • If you are not sure if you have the symptoms or not, but you are experiencing some sort of pain in the area, have it checked by the doctor right away. Waiting for the symptoms to become sure will just make the injury worse. From MRIs and EMGs to X-Rays, you can get several tests so that you will be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

By being prepared and taking necessary precautions, you will be able to combat tennis elbow even if you play tennis on a daily basis. Whether you are playing just for fun or you do it because you are the best in your country, you still need to be careful. However, just because you are prone to injuries because of the sport that you want to play does not mean you have to stop at once. There are risks in everything that people do. It’s all a matter of how to combat it.

We hope you found our article helpful. If you’d like to learn more about the medical side of tennis elbow, please check out this article on WebMD.

3 fitness tips to a healthier lifestyle

Most people want to be healthy, fit and be in better shape, especially if they come across and got inspired by blogs about health and fitness, such as the  However, thinking about hitting the gym, changing lifestyle and spending time working out can be daunting. But with enough commitment and proper motivation, having a better shape can be attained. Here are three fitness tips to a healthier lifestyle that will help you get into good shape and feel better about yourself:


  1. Drink water


The human body is about 75 to 80 percent water. Nothing can substitute water and the benefits it can bring to our body. Any type of soda, even the diet ones will only ruin digestion, and can lead to obesity and diabetes. Six to eight glasses of water daily will help improve your skin, hydrate you, enhance digestion and help your body to remove accumulated toxins. Hence, when you are thirsty, quench your thirst with water.


Water makes you energized and even help you lose weight. This best energy drink ever boosts your metabolism. To know how much water your body needs, divide your body weight in pounds by two and that is the amount of water in ounces you need to consume daily, according to the fitness gurus of Shape.


Avoid “plastic water” or plastic water bottles as they contain the toxin bisphenyl A, which gets into the water, according to an article published by the Mayo Clinic. In the United States, most tap water is clean, cheap and fresh. Choose to drink it than bottled water.


Avoid alcohol as you avoid soda, or drink them in moderate amounts. A glass of cocktail, beer or wine is a glass of calories. Cocktails can slow down your metabolism, make you gain weight and reduce your brain function.


  1. Include an Apple in Your Daily Diet


Apples have beneficial antioxidants that protect your body cells from premature destruction. They also have pectin that can greatly help improve intestinal elimination. Apples’ sugars are natural and far better than that of candy bars or energy drinks. Furthermore, the fruit has the needed minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B1 and biotin. The famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.


  1. Walk every day


Walking is among the healthiest exercises and it is easy, simple and very doable. It does not need a workout DVD, an equipment like weights, or a gym membership. You just need a place to walk and a pair of shoes. Walking outdoors is better than walking on a treadmill because of the scenery that you can savor. The fresh air doesn’t hurt either.


If you are not used to walking, you can start with a mile a day, or 5,280 feet. Anyone can walk a mile in 20  minutes. If you are a walker, you can walk for twice as much miles at almost twice as much speed.


Walk if you get the chance. Park farther away from your office building. Take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Every step in the day gives a positive contribution to your health.



Fitness cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time to reach that goal. It is an ideal lifestyle that gives you more energy, strength and endurance. Know more about improving your health and fitness. Subscribe to It is informative and free.

Suffering from Constipation? Try Acupuncture in Miami

acupuncturist in Miami

Electro acupuncture can offer relief from symptoms in as short as 12 weeks, study reveals

Scientists have revealed the results of a new study where people suffering from severe constipation could find relief from electro acupuncture.

Electro acupuncture is a modern form of the ancient medical practice in China, where needles are placed in key points in the body. This new variation includes the introduction of electrical stimulation. Participants in the trials reported an improved way of life and a significant decrease in the symptoms after just 8 weeks of treatment.

Electro acupuncture involves inserting thin needles under the skin. These needles are hooked into a device that sends measured electric impulses to a person’s body. This development is welcome news for patients who are difficult to treat due to various reasons.

At the same time, news of this discovery was welcomed by the medical community.  University of Calgary Cummings School of Medicine in Canada’s leading expert in gastroenterology, Dr. Christopher Andrews, was pleased to hear of the extensive trials and testings for the treatments. He said there have been plenty of alternative therapy options before, but none of them were backed up by scientific evidence.

This sentiment was echoed by Temple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia) professor Dr. Henry Parkman. He noted that electro acupuncture treatment will be a good alternative for patients who do not respond to regular medical treatment.  These people are called refractory patients and have extreme cases of functional constipation.

He further explained that these patients only have bowel movements a maximum of twice per week. Their condition is not caused by medication or other medical problems.

More than a thousand patients were tested for the study. Half of the group was given electro acupuncture in Miami via needles inserted into the muscle layer of the abdominal wall. The control group on the other hand, were also inserted with needles, but only at a shallow level, and the areas selected since they were not the acupuncture points. This is the equivalent of being given placebos during a drug trial.

Expert acupuncturists were called in to administer the real and pretend treatments. Participants received a total of 28 sessions, each one lasting 30 minutes.

After eight weeks, 31 percent of the electro acupuncture. The group reported having three or more bowel movements in a span of one week. Experts say a human body should void its bowels three times per day to three times per week. This is considered the normal frequency.

The positive results continued after the trial was finished. One of the study’s authors and researchers, Dr. Jia (Marie) Liu from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing expressed surprise after seeing the results. She said the post-treatment results could have been brought about by the sustained effect of electro acupuncture. Peak results were recorded on the 8th week of the trial period.

According to New York acupuncturist Dr. Daniel Hsu, acupuncture works by signaling the body to release its own painkillers. At the same time, it calms the nervous system. He further explained that stress can cause the system to become constipated and switches on the flight or flight response.

On the other hand, while the study is considered to be a tremendous success, it may not be replicated on a larger scale yet. The frequency needed may be difficult for some. The patients received electro acupuncture stimulation as often as five times per week. The cost of treatment may also be a limiting factor: it costs between $60 to $120 per session.

Effects Of Sugar On The Human Body

Sugar, like many other things in life, is not necessary a bad thing. In fact, we need sugar. We consume carbohydrates that our body breaks down into sugar, which then provides us with the necessary energy that fuels our everyday bodily processes. Without sugar, we would not survive.

Over consumption of sugar, however, is the problem. In the last year, studies have shown that the average American’s consumption of sugar can now be pegged at ten to eleven tablespoons per day—a considerable jump from when the average consumption of sugar in the 17th century was four pounds annually.

Taking in too much sugar spells bad news for our bodies; we were not built to absorb large amounts of sugar without sustaining significant effects.The maximum amount of sugar that the body can handle (without negative effects) is two tablespoons daily.

This is not limited to just the obviously sweet stuff; today, we consume sugar mainly through processed food, which contains high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup, or HFCS. Several food processing companies prefer using HFCS to regular table sugar because the former is sweeter and more affordable, thereby a more cost-effective option in the long-term.


HFCS is much more dangerous than regular sugar; studies show that fructose consumption can actually increase the risk of cancer development, as cancer cells proliferate more readily in the presence of fructose. When the body metabolizes HFCS, especially, the effects are more drastic, as opposed to when the body processes normal table sugar.

While sugar is good in moderate amounts, overconsumption can result in the following effects on the human body:

Potential For Liver Damage

The liver detoxifies chemicals in the human body, and does the same for large amounts of sugar. When it processes high levels of fructose in the blood regularly, this takes a severe toll on the liver and can lead to liver damage over time. While this happens over several years, the liver is a sensitive bodily organ, and it is not worth risking causing irreversible damage if left untreated.

Weight Gain And Irregular Metabolic Function

Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas, and serves as the body’s way of regulating its sugar levels. Too much sugar intake can result in the development of insulin resistance, where the pancreas fail to stimulate insulin, leaving the sugar in your body to go unprocessed. This sets off a chain of events that tricks your body into thinking it is not receiving enough nutrition, an you to feel hungry and eat more.

This snowballs into more serious effects, such as metabolic dysfunction. One of the ways this condition manifests is the development of classic metabolic syndrome, which includes symptoms like high blood sugar, obesity, decreased (low-density lipoprotein) LDL and increased (high-density lipoprotein) HDL, andhigher levels of triglycerides. Classic metabolic syndrome is treatable, but if left unchecked has the potential to develop into serious conditions like coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Increased Uric Acid Levels

The body produces normal amounts of uric acid in response to the breakdown of nitrogen in your system. An increase in sugar intake results in the body’s uric acid levels climbing high enough to potentially develop into kidney and heart disease, especially if sustained over long periods of time. The correlation between uric acid levels and fructose intake is especially strong; if the body’s uric acid level rises above normal, it is often an indicator of a risk for type 2 diabetes.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Also known as NAFLD, non-alcohol fatty liver disease is a condition that gives you all the effects of excessive alcohol intake, minus the alcohol consumption (and possibly the accompanying fun stuff). The body processes sugar the same way as it does alcohol, and an excess in the former results in insulin resistance and abnormal amounts of fat in the blood. In addition, a constant over-intake of sugar can cause the brain to develop dependence on sugar, very similar to what happens when one becomes eventually “hooked” on alcohol over time.

Type 2 Diabetes

Possibly the most well-known effect of excess sugar intake is the development of type 2 diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is hereditary, type 2 is acquired over time and cannot be reversed. Also known as diabetes mellitus type 2, this is a metabolic condition that is marked by constant high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. The body no longer processes sugar in the same way (brought about by the insulin resistance and lack of insulin), which is why people with type 2 diabetes generally undergo significant weight loss, frequent urination, and increased thirst and hunger. Once acquired, type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition.

Moderation is key. A change in one’s dietary restrictions may be all it takes to prevent many of these conditions from developing. Switching from drinking sweetened drinks to water, for example, can make a significant difference in reducing how much sugar your body processes each day.

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