3 fitness tips to a healthier lifestyle

Most people want to be healthy, fit and be in better shape, especially if they come across and got inspired by blogs about health and fitness, such as the thefitnessjunkieblog.com.  However, thinking about hitting the gym, changing lifestyle and spending time working out can be daunting. But with enough commitment and proper motivation, having a better shape can be attained. Here are three fitness tips to a healthier lifestyle that will help you get into good shape and feel better about yourself:


  1. Drink water


The human body is about 75 to 80 percent water. Nothing can substitute water and the benefits it can bring to our body. Any type of soda, even the diet ones will only ruin digestion, and can lead to obesity and diabetes. Six to eight glasses of water daily will help improve your skin, hydrate you, enhance digestion and help your body to remove accumulated toxins. Hence, when you are thirsty, quench your thirst with water.


Water makes you energized and even help you lose weight. This best energy drink ever boosts your metabolism. To know how much water your body needs, divide your body weight in pounds by two and that is the amount of water in ounces you need to consume daily, according to the fitness gurus of Shape.


Avoid “plastic water” or plastic water bottles as they contain the toxin bisphenyl A, which gets into the water, according to an article published by the Mayo Clinic. In the United States, most tap water is clean, cheap and fresh. Choose to drink it than bottled water.


Avoid alcohol as you avoid soda, or drink them in moderate amounts. A glass of cocktail, beer or wine is a glass of calories. Cocktails can slow down your metabolism, make you gain weight and reduce your brain function.


  1. Include an Apple in Your Daily Diet


Apples have beneficial antioxidants that protect your body cells from premature destruction. They also have pectin that can greatly help improve intestinal elimination. Apples’ sugars are natural and far better than that of candy bars or energy drinks. Furthermore, the fruit has the needed minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B1 and biotin. The famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.


  1. Walk every day


Walking is among the healthiest exercises and it is easy, simple and very doable. It does not need a workout DVD, an equipment like weights, or a gym membership. You just need a place to walk and a pair of shoes. Walking outdoors is better than walking on a treadmill because of the scenery that you can savor. The fresh air doesn’t hurt either.


If you are not used to walking, you can start with a mile a day, or 5,280 feet. Anyone can walk a mile in 20  minutes. If you are a walker, you can walk for twice as much miles at almost twice as much speed.


Walk if you get the chance. Park farther away from your office building. Take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Every step in the day gives a positive contribution to your health.



Fitness cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time to reach that goal. It is an ideal lifestyle that gives you more energy, strength and endurance. Know more about improving your health and fitness. Subscribe to thefitnessjunkieblog.com. It is informative and free.

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